4 Positive Benefits Of Relocating Your Business

If you are a business owner or manager and you the idea of relocating that business has entered your mind, we assume that the decision to move would only be if you could see positive reasons for doing so. before you start planning your move and hiring removalists, you must first ascertain what benefits that your business is going to accrue as a result of relocating.

You also want the positive aspects of relocating to be ones that actually benefit your business, your staff, your clients, and yourself. Simply doing it for a change of scenery, or because you have become bored with your current location is not enough reason to move, especially if your business extremely successful being located where it is at the moment and the profits are rolling in every single month.

On the other hand, if your business is not achieving the results that you are aiming for, and you believe that for this, and for other legitimate reasons, an office relocation would make a difference, then by all means plan for one. In doing so, you will be looking to see what other advantages there might be, and to point you in the right direction, literally, here are 4 of them.

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Why Effective Website Design Means Visitors Stay Longer On Your Psychology Business Website

If your psychology business has a website, have you ever taken time to consider how well it is performing or if it is helping your business as much as it should. The reason these questions are important is that according to the web design experts at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au your Google ranking is highly influenced by how visitors interact with your website.

In addition, conversions on your website, which can include prospects leaving their details, them making a call to book an appointment, or them purchasing a product you sell, such as books and courses, will all be impacted by the design of your website.

One of the key measures which will affect all of the above, either positively or negatively, will be the length of time a visitor spends on your website. If they remain for a reasonable length of time, then that is good news, but, if they leave almost immediately, it is bad news and suggests that something is not right with your website design.

The first concern if visitors are leaving quickly is for your ranking on search engines, especially Google. One of Google’s key goals is to ensure that the search results they generate provide those searching with websites they are happy with. The term ‘user experience’ is often used by Google to identify this.

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Cancellation Policies And What They Should Include

One area of debate within the world of business is that of cancellations and refunds, and when we say debate, that has a wide scope and ranges all the way from a reasonable discussion to a heated argument. In the most extreme cases arguments about a cancellation or a refund have gone to litigation, and thus the business has had to ask their litigation lawyers to step in and help resolve the matter.

Of course, this can happen on both sides of the fence for business owners. Either they are the one who sold the goods and services and there is a dispute over their own refund or cancellation policy, or they are the customer of another business and they have found that their rights to cancel or receive a refund for faulty or incomplete goods and services are being denied.

These issues arise for many reasons; some are as a result of a business not making its cancellation and refund clear enough, a business not fulling its obligations with regards to cancellations and refunds, or it might be that a customer believes that they are entitled to cancel and receive a refund in all circumstances, which we hope you already know is not the case.

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7 Tips For Making Your Office Relocation As Easy As Possible

Going through office relocations can be stressful for everyone who works there, from the business owners all the way down to the office cleaners who no doubt might be thinking of what mess they might be left to clear up afterwards. The simple fact is that if you plan and prepare properly, plus use the services of a removalist company who specialise in office relocations, it should all be relatively straightforward and stress-free.

Apart from hiring professionals to help you, there are a number of other ways in which you make any office relocation easier than it might otherwise be. Here are 7 of our top tips to make that happen.

Find The Correct Premises

It still amazes us that office relocations do not work out for some businesses, simply because the new premises that the business is moving to, turn out to not be as suitable as first thought. This often happens when just one individual is making the decision, whereas if the heads of each department had some input, this may have highlighted issues that had otherwise not been thought of.

Plan Well In Advance

Planning is essential for any office relocation to be successful, and that applies to all the major aspects of the move, as well as the minor details. One idea is to place an individual in charge of the planning for each individual section or department. You will also want to create a timeline so that deadlines for things to be arranged are met.

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Why Proper Branding Can Boost A Dental Clinic’s Revenue

A dentist might not be the first profession or business that you think about when the subject of business branding is discussed, however, a dental practice or Perth Dentist can benefit every bit as much from good branding as any other type of business.

That might not seem to be the case at first, and many people question why a dental practice needs branding. After all, ‘Surely it is large multi-national companies that branding applies to?’, they may ask.

Sadly, that is exactly the mistake that many small and local businesses make, because whilst they may not operate on the same scale as a large, national, or international business, they can benefit from many of their practices.

One of those practices is branding, and if a dental practice can ensure their branding is done correctly, it can bring many benefits to it, and that includes increased numbers of new, and loyal patients.

Branding need not cost a fortune, and more importantly, the return on investment can be impressive. There are many ways in which effective branding can help any business, including a dental practice, and here are three of the most important.

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3 Business Benefits Of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

If you run a busy and successful business, it is more than likely that commercial cleaning is not often the top priority in your business diary on any given day. Not that we are suggesting that it should, however, what we would ask to consider is the benefits that have clean carpets throughout your premises can bring.

Now we are not suggesting that having a professional commercial cleaning company such as www.ellisfacilityservices.com.au clean your carpets is going to double your sales overnight, however, it will give you some advantages over your competitors who choose not to clean their carpets, which must be a benefit to yours.

Healthier Employees

You would be horrified by the number of bacteria and other undesirables like pollen and dust which lurks within carpets. All these undesirables in several different ways can be harmful to health.

Think of those who suffer from hay fever for whom pollen can cause all sorts of issues or those with dust allergies having difficulties due to the amount in the carpets. More seriously bacteria living in carpets can cause illness that leads to vomiting and diarrhea.

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Making The Most Of Motivational Team Building Activities

One of the biggest benefits of team building activities is that it should give your team a huge motivational boost, and as the leader of that team you should make the most of that. Motivating a team through team building activities is of no use if the levels of motivation only stay high momentarily and drop once the activities have stopped.

What you really want is for your team to keep their motivation levels high continually, and that can be achieved if you set up and implement your team building activities in the right way. Most crucial is that you plan and consider the motivation elements of any team building exercise carefully for maximum effect. Your team building activities with Leadership Training Sydney should have these 4 critical elements which will help to motivate your team.


It does not matter whether you training a football team, a group of dancers, or a team of salespeople, for them to feel motivated, they have to enjoy what they are doing. Your team building activities should have an element of fun so that the activity is not seen as some kind of chore, or worse, a penance.

Actually, this applies to any training which you give your team, but it is especially important with regards to motivating them. Working together on a task which solidifies the team spirit, but at the same time allows them to have fun, is always going to produce better results than activities that are boring and downbeat.

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Call Tracking And How It Can Benefit Your Business

With everything seemingly moving online it is easy to forget that there are still some offline business services and tools that can be of huge benefit to your company. One of them is the telephone, and no doubt there are many people reading this for whom speaking on the phone is still the number one way that you close deals and makes sales.

As with everything, modern technology can enhance how you use the telephone and make it more effective, and along with using chatbots, one of the most popular amongst business owners is ‘call tracking software’.

This enables you to track telephone calls and has other features such as recording calls, and most importantly for your marketing, that can help you monitor and assess which campaigns are working with regards to generating calls and which are not.

You can track calls from multiple sources which include your pay per click ads, social media, your website, and offline advertising such as newspapers, magazines, and even radio ads.

To give you a better understanding of call tracking, we are going outline some of the main features it has and give you more details on how they can benefit your business.

Dynamic Number Selection

Quite simply this means having an individual number for each of your marketing campaigns. This allows you track the calls coming into each of the numbers and thus you can see which campaign is generating the highest number of calls. It will also let you assess the quality of lead that each campaign is producing too.

This should enable to massively increase your return on investment for any of the marketing campaigns you are running as you can either switch off the campaigns that are not working, or at least seek to improve them by changing their ad copy for, example.

As it is also showing what the winning campaigns are, then you can increase your budget for them with a view to seeing an even greater number of calls, coming into your business.

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5 Tips for Drafting New Employment Contracts

Employment contracts can be confusing, especially if you’re a new business owner who hasn’t employed many people before. Because of this, it’s important to spend some time getting familiar with the legalities surrounding contracts and how they should be drafted.

Many employers use an employment lawyer from www.perthemploymentlawyers.com.au, to ensure they’re complying with their legal obligations, which is never a bad idea. We’ve also put together the following list of our top tips for drafting new employment contracts to help you get started.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

  1. Specify What the Role Entails

For starters, it’s always a good idea to specify exactly what a job entails when you’re putting together a new employment contract. Make sure you think carefully about the key roles and responsibilities of the position and how you expect your new employee to approach them. On top of this, speak directly with said employee to ensure they’re aware of their exact role.

  1. Explain Sick and Vacation Leave

Clearly outline everything your new employee needs to know about sick and annual leave. Include information about how many paid sick days are available and what happens if you use them all up. Is unpaid sick leave an option?

Similarly, outline everything necessary about annual leave. Consider how much notice needs to be given, what happens to unused leave at the end of the year, and whether or not an employee can be forced to take leave.

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What are featured snippets and should I be worried about them?

If you’re an SEO beginner, you might not have heard of feature snippets, and you therefore might not be optimising your website for them. However, if you’re not then you’re missing out.

Basically, featured snippet is the name given to the small entries that appear at the top of the search results. These include things like the “people also ask” boxes, and the “featured result” at the top of a search page.

If you really want to succeed when it comes to SEO, you need to make sure that you’re optimizing your content for featured snippets. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a great opportunity, and your website will suffer.

With this in mind, I’ve put together this short guide to featured snippets and the best ways to achieve them.

What Is A Featured Snippet?

To put things simple, a featured snippet is an answer that the search engine – be it Bing, Google, or another – has taken from one of the pages that rank for the search term in question.

It is usually framed by a box and positioned above the number one search result, which means that it’s a great place to be. It’s important to note that featured snippets aren’t always taken from the number one search result, which means that there’s a chance to grab one even if you’re not right at the top of the ranking pages.

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What Are The Pros & Cons of Using AdWords For My Law Firm?

Google Adwords is a very useful digital marketing resources for most businesses – both online and location based. However, the merits of using AdWords as a law firm is heavily debated. A lot of experts argue that AdWords is too expensive to be used effectively for lawyers and law related keywords. However, others would disagree, arguing that AdWords is a great way to drive highly relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a complete list of the pros and cons of using Google AdWords for your family law firm. Remember, this is simply our opinion – do your own research before you act on any of the advice presented here!

Pros of using AdWords for my law firm:

The pros of using AdWords for Family Lawyers like www.daviescolawyers.com.au are many, and include:

AdWords allows you to target relevant searches – This means that you can be confident that the people who are visiting your website are interested in your services to at least some extent. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure that everyone who clicks on your paid ad will become a paying customer.

AdWords can provide great exposure – Gaining exposure for your law firm can be difficult. Using Google AdWords allows you to place yourself at the top of the search engine rankings, even if only for a short time. If you can couple your AdWords use with effective SEO, you can potentially have two results at the top of the search engine results page, further increasing your assumed reliability and authority.

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Why is it Important for My Law Firm to be Active on Social Media?

A complete law firm digital marketing strategy contains an array of different components. One of the most important of these is social media marketing. Now, social media marketing can refer to two things: (1) organic social media marketing through organic content and engagement with your followers and (2) paid social media marketing such as Facebook ads.

Paid social media marketing is very inefficient when it comes to lawyers and law firms. This means that you should focus on organic social media marketing for your business. Create high quality written and visual content, engage with your followers and make sure that you’re active regularly.

What social media platforms should I be using?

Most experts suggest that lawyers should focus predominantly on LinkedIn marketing. Most other social media platforms aren’t lawyers friendly, and you will just be wasting your time if you try too hard on them.

The one exception is a Facebook business page. Every single business should have a Facebook page, and law firms are no exception. A large percentage of people will search for businesses on Facebook before contacting them, and if they can’t find you, they will probably just move onto the next law firm on their list.

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Your Own Company’s Branding

Once you have a company that is up and running and you have started to gain some traction, you know you need to get some branding done in order to take things into overdrive. If you are thinking of going about the branding for your company yourself, you might want to hold your horses and think about it again. Do you really think you can do a good job of branding your company?

Branding experts at Oxygen Marketing say while it may hurt the ego of many businessmen the simple fact of the matter is that running a company and branding a company for success are completely different things.

You should resist the temptation to do it yourself and think of a better option. In order to convince you, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t do your own company’s branding.

  1. It’s A Different Ballgame

Unless you are someone who already has extensive experience branding and advertising for another company before starting your own, you probably do not have a good grasp on the concept of branding. You might be thinking that the brand is nothing more than the logo, the tag line and how your products generally look.

It is that but there is so much more to it. The branding of a company instils an emotional response from the customers when they use your products and those branding elements can make that happen. A talented branding company will immediately be able to capitalize on what emotions the products your company can instill in your customers and use that to build the brand of your company.

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What Sort Of Records Should I Be Keeping As A Freelancer?

As a freelancer, bookkeeping can sometimes become very difficult. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t really sure about what sort of things they should be keeping records of and what is unnecessary, which tends to lead to one of two situations:

  1. A lot of time is wasted on keeping records that simply aren’t necessary. This time could be better spent on other aspects of the business.
  2. The records that are kept simply aren’t good enough, which can lead to problems when it comes to submitting a tax return. Most freelancers only make this mistake once or twice.

As you can see, understanding what your record keeping and tax requirements are as a freelancer is very important.

First, consider how the ATO sees you:

If you are a freelancer, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will see you in one of two ways. If you only freelance part time and don’t earn very much, then your freelance work may be seen as a hobby, which means that you don’t have to pay any tax. However, if you earn a decent amount, and undergo the freelance activity with the purpose of making money, you will be classed as a business, and will have to pay taxes.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to decide how the ATO will see you. Usually, your activity will be defined as a hobby if it is largely for pleasure, if it makes you money to cover the costs of tools or materials, and if it is not undertaken commercially. As soon as you start doing something with the aim of making a profit or on a commercial scale, you will be classified as a business. If you are unsure, contact the ATO for a private ruling.

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Four Myths About SEO You Should Be Aware Of

Mention search engine optimisation, or SEO, to a room full of business people and you’ll see a variety of reactions, many of which will involve puzzled faces, grimacing or even a bolt for the nearest exit. It is understandable, given the vast amount of conflicting and confusing information which exists relating to SEO.

Sadly, there are some elements of this information which are likely to do more harm than good if applied to a website’s SEO strategy, and yet they appear time and time again on SEO forums, discussion groups and social media posts. Some of this information may seem to make sense at first but a look at the guidelines given out by the main search engines will show they are myths.

Myth #1: You Must Use A Dot Com Extension For Your Domain Name

Whilst dot com is desirable, according to Google it is not the case that they prefer dot com domains and rank them much higher than other extensions such as dot net or dot org. It is true that in the very beginning Google could only recognise dot coms but those days are long gone.

If you are a local company, seeking to attract local customers then it is more beneficial to select a domain with your country code such as ‘.au’ in Australia, or ‘.co.uk’ in the United Kingdom.

Myth #2: Keyword Research Is No Longer Useful

Many business owners, and sadly, SEO agencies too, seem to think that ‘they know best’ when it comes to what potential customers will search for. As a result, they optimise their websites and backlinks based on this presumption and then wonder why there has been no uplift in visitor traffic.

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