How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Landscape Architecture Firm

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Landscape Architecture Firm

There are probably as many ways to promote your landscaping architecture firm as there are varieties of plants that you could include in one of your designs. It can be daunting trying to decide which online marketing methods to use, however, according to digital marketing specialists – one of the most effective, especially for local businesses, is social media.

Now, your experience to date of using social media might only have consisted of posting photos and memes for family and friends, or it could be you have found social media to be something that you as an individual do not wish to participate in. Regardless of what you have experienced or what you believe about social media, the fact that many prospective clients of your landscaping architecture business do use social media means you need to think past your own views.

Further to that, it will be the case that many of your closest competitors are using social media to their advantage, and anything which benefits their business with regards to finding new clients, is something that can harm your business to the extent each one of those clients your competitor has gained is a lost opportunity.

In truth, including social media in your digital marketing is not as difficult as you might think, provided you take some key steps and actions which will ensure you are using it effectively. Here are 5 of those steps.

Do Your Research First

If you do this step properly you are almost guaranteed to have a successful social media campaign. You first want to look for popular social media pages that have been created by the top landscaping companies and do not limit this just to your local competitors. Look at what type of content they are posting, and crucially, what content is getting the most interaction in terms of shares and comments. Your job is simply to emulate that content without copying it exactly.

Link Your Social Media Pages

Once you have an active social media campaign you should link between the various pages via links within your content, assuming you have more than one social media page. Even if you only have one page, ensure you link to it from your website and other online properties, and vice versa.

Post A Variety Of Content

Where it is possible to do so, you have got to mix up your social media content to keep your followers engaged and looking forward to your next post. Utilise images, memes, infographics, videos, and audio to bring your content to life, and with the intention that some of your followers will love it so much, they will share it with others.

Encourage Your Followers To Share Your Content

Following on from the previous section, if you have great content you then have a much greater chance of it being shared, but to go further, you should actively encourage your followers to share your content. This can lead to some of your posts going viral and therefore your brand being in front of hundreds or even thousands of people, some of whom may just be in the market for a landscape architecture firm.

Interact With Your Followers

The more you interact with your followers the more they will like and trust you, which is never a bad thing for a business. It also allows you to carry out surveys or ask them specific questions which helps you to ascertain more about their likes so that you can create content accordingly.