Business Start-Ups And Their Links To Drug Addiction

It is the dream of many individuals to start and run their own business, and we all know many people do it successfully, but what might not be so commonly known is the link between start-up businesses and drug rehab. Before anyone thinks we are talking about someone starting an illegal drug running and supply business here, we are not. Instead, we are talking about legitimate new businesses whose owners succumb to drug addiction.

It has long been known that drug addiction is not restricted to those that might be considered to be at the lower end of the income and social ladders. The fact that someone is in a respected and professional job and is earning a six-figure salary does not preclude them from the possibility of becoming addicted to drugs from cocaine to ice addiction.

This also applies to those who wish to start a business, and given that doing so normally requires levels of entrepreneurship, intelligence, and in almost all cases the financial means to get the business off the ground, we are once again looking at a demographic that most people would not automatically consider being prone to drug addiction.

The fact is that whilst being in poverty can be a trigger for someone to start taking drugs, possibly in an attempt to find some kind of escape, equally true is wealthy people also seek refuge from their problems by taking drugs. The trigger here is not the size of their bank balance, but instead the problems, stress, and anxiety they face. The specific problems might be widely different, but the means of escape is not…drugs.

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