How to be More Successful in Email Marketing

To be successful, email marketing needs to achieve three things.

  • Get most of your addressees to open the email
  • Get them to read it right through
  • And get them to click through to your offer

If your email marketing efforts don’t quite manage this, here are some tips to help you become more successful.

  • Create an email that people look forward to reading. You can do this by sounding more like a friend who is interested in them than a corporation that only wants them to buy something.
  • Don’t talk about a list or subscribers and don’t sell in every email. Some emails need to contain only information that is valuable to the reader. Be generous and give things away rather than selling, at least sometimes. Use your name so that people feel they know you. Use their name, but not too often.
  • Create interest by using an attention grabbing subject line. How to (do or be something) is always a good opener. Statistics prove that it is one of the most attention grabbing openers there is, often outperforming unique subject lines that have been pored over for hours.
  • Use white space in the body. Subheadings, short paragraphs and bullet points help busy people scan quickly and get your point across without boring them.

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