5 Tips To Ensure Any Google Ads Campaign Your Create For Your Family Lawyers Business Is Successful

5 Tips To Ensure Any Google Ads Campaign Your Create For Your Family Lawyers Business Is Successful

In terms of cost, there are two options that you have with regards to promoting your family lawyers business. They are paid and free. To be honest, to call the latter free is a bit misleading because whilst you might not pay for each individual click or visitor to your website, there are costs with respect to time, and potentially to the SEO agency who optimised everything to rank your website highly on Google in order to gain those visitors.

The ‘free’ route also takes longer to see results so if you want to start gaining new clients as soon as possible then it is paid advertising that you need. One of the most effective paid advertising options online is Google Ads. Previously called ‘AdWords’, this allows your business to bid for clicks for specific keywords and if the bid is successful then your ad, and more importantly, the link to your website, appears at the top of the page.

It seems fairly straightforward and at its core it is a relatively simple concept to understand, however, the means by which you become one those top spots has a bit more to it in terms of learning and actions. Nevertheless, even this is not that difficult especially if you follow some simple rules. In addition, you need to approach the setting up of your Google Ads campaign with a plan and strategy , rather than just randomly choosing and bidding on keywords.

Below we have outlined 5 tips which will help you along that path. None of them is particularly complicated, and if executed correctly, can make your Google Ads campaign more effective with regards to the amount of traffic you receive, and with respect to how much you need to pay for each click.

Tip #1: Spy On Your Competition

We are not suggesting you tap their telephones but instead researching on Google to see how other legal firms, especially family lawyers, have set up their Google Ads. Look at the copy in their ads including their headline and body text, and asses what keywords they are using. Obviously do not copy word for word, but instead, use them to base your ads and target keywords upon.

Tip #2: Effective Keyword Research

Nothing will bring you better results from your Google Ads than effective keyword research. Bear in mind it is not just the highly popular one or two-word keywords you should be targeting but longer tail keywords which cumulatively can bring you excellent levels of traffic for very little ad spend.

Tip #3: Proofread Your Ads Carefully

Google Ads are relatively small which begs the question as to why so many of them have typos and errors. Do not be one of them as it destroys your credibility, and even more so that you are within the legal sector. Proofread everything and then double-check it to ensure it is 100% correct, especially the URL for your website. You do not want to pay for clicks that go to another site!

Tip #4: Target Locally

One of the great features of Google Ads is that you can target geographically. That means that you can set your ads so that they only appear to those people searching on Google who are located in your target area. This reduces costs and ensures that those who click through to your website are genuinely locally based residents and thus potential clients.

Tip #5: Continually Test And Tweak Your Ads

Improving the performance of your Google Ads should be something you aim for constantly. Check the data, assess what is working and what is not, and then tweak the ad to improve it. You can also set up A-B tests so that you have two ads running at the same time. Keep the one that works best, create another ad, and repeat the process for continual improvement.