3 Business Benefits Of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

3 Business Benefits Of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

If you run a busy and successful business, it is more than likely that commercial cleaning is not often the top priority in your business diary on any given day. Not that we are suggesting that it should, however, what we would ask to consider is the benefits that having clean carpets throughout your premises can bring.

Now, we are not suggesting that having a professional cleaner clean your carpets will double your sales overnight. However, it will give you some advantages over your competitors who choose not to clean their carpets, which must be a benefit to yours.

Healthier Employees

You would be horrified by the number of bacteria and other undesirables like pollen and dust that lurk within carpets. All these undesirables, in several different ways, can be harmful to health.

Think of those who suffer from hay fever for whom pollen can cause all sorts of issues or those with dust allergies having difficulties due to the amount in the carpets. More seriously bacteria living in carpet can cause illness that leads to vomiting and diarrhea.

Bear in mind, staff spend an average of 40 hours a week at work, so that is a lot of time they might be exposed to unhealthy microscopic nasties, and you might have to question, if they are off sick, could the dirty carpets that they have to ensure at work contribute to that?

Having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly ensures that bacteria, etc., are kept at bay and that your staff and anyone else who enters your business are in a healthier environment.

Better First Impressions

It is true that you only get one chance at making a first impression. So you have to ask yourself what is the first impression the carpets in your business provide? Is it one of a business that doesn’t seem to care about its reputation, as its carpets look as though they have not been cleaned in months?

Bear in mind that the first impression could be to a potential new client or someone who is there for a job interview, whilst at the same time weighing up if this is a business they want to work for.

Ensuring that your carpets are kept as clean as possible at all times allows you to be confident that anyone walking into and throughout your business premises has a better impression of it than they would otherwise.

It Is More Cost-Effective

What often puts business owners off having their carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company is that they believe it will cost too much. So, what they try to do is in-house, or worse, hire amateurs who do not know what they are doing.

With in-house, you are responsible for paying for all the cleaning equipment, and there is not such a small matter that you have to pay the wages every week of the person cleaning.

With amateurs, you are paying people who have no genuine interest in doing a good job, and the likelihood is they won’t. They will not know how to clean and care for carpets properly meaning they could use a cleaning solvent that damages them and causes their colours to fade.

As a result, carpets need to be replaced more often, which turns out to be more expensive than paying professionals to clean them properly in the first place.