7 Ways You Can Optimise Your Family Lawyers Website For Better Google Rankings

You are hopefully already aware that there multiple ways in which you market and promote your family lawyers business. Some can bring instant results such as pay per click advertising on Google or Facebook. Others, require a long-term approach and some patience such as SEO. Of the two approaches, it is the latter which can provide sustainable traffic to your website.

One of the longer term methods of marketing your business is search engine optimisation, or SEO as it normally called. An effective SEO strategy crafted by an experienced SEO consultant, can help your website move up the rankings on Google and the other search engines, and in the best case scenario reach one of the top three positions. Once there, it will benefit from increased levels of traffic as potential clients search using keywords relating to your business niche.

To achieve all that we need to put the emphasis on the word ‘effective’ as there are countless businesses that never get close to page one of the search engine results. They may try, but the way they implement their SEO is often flawed or tries to take short cuts. That may have worked years ago, but Google has long since gotten several steps ahead of these and instead of rankings improving, they decline.

SEO covers a vast number of actions especially given the fact that Google has well over 200 different ranking factors. However, there are some actions which influence how Google ranks a website more than others, and if you can optimise for these then you can give your website’s ranking a significant boost. Here are 7 of those optimisations which you should implement as soon as possible.

Publish Only High Quality Content On Your Website

Firstly, if you do not publish new and regular content on your website, such as on a blog, then you need to start doing so. Second, any content which you post must meet high quality standards otherwise no one is going to read it, share it, or act upon it.

Pinpoint The Most Effective Keywords

The searches that people enter in Google are effectively the keywords you want to be ranking for. This means you should be researching which keywords get the most searches from the audience that you are targeting. Knowing these keywords allows you to optimise your content and backlinks.

Ensure All Your Website’s Metadata Is 100%

Metadata is the words used to describe certain elements within the pages of your website. They include page titles and the headers within your content. These not only need to be optimised for your keywords, but also need to be 100% accurate and complete to be most effective.

Ensure Your Website Pages Are Opening Quickly

If you want to know the quickest way to destroy your rankings, ironically it is slow page opening speeds. Visitors click away immediately, and Google knows this so you must ensure that there is nothing within your website that will hamper the speed at which your website’s pages open.

Seek Backlinks From High Authority Websites

You should look upon backlinks as a form of recognition when it comes to SEO as the higher the authority the websites you receive backlinks from have, the more of a boost it gives to your rankings. It is akin to a celebrity endorsement so seek out those top legal websites and assess whether it is possible to gain a backlink from them

Optimise Your Onsite Linking

Within your own website you need to set up links between multiple pages. This not only helps Google assess your website for relevancy, but it also passes on some of the authority from your external backlinks throughout your website.

Check That All Functions Within Your Website Are Working Properly

No visitor is going to remain for any length of time on a website that does not function properly. You should regularly check that everything in your website is working, especially after you have added a new page to the site or a new post to your blog.