7 Tips For Generating Prospective Clients For Your Landscaping Business

7 Tips For Generating Prospective Clients For Your Landscaping Business

For any Sydney landscape architect who are ambitious in terms of wanting their landscaping business to grow and expand, one of the barriers they often come up against is not knowing which ways they can effectively market that business to gain new clients. Should that include you, and you are seeking marketing tips for promoting your business, read on and you will discover seven such marketing ideas, all of which are highly effective at generating new leads for local businesses.

Social Media

Having an effective social media marketing campaign can bring you leads from multiple places online. When you consider how many social media sites there are, and how many local people will be using them, it is a marketing channel that must be utilised. The key is having interesting, amusing and even shocking or controversial content that hopefully becomes viral and gets you noticed by even more potential clients.

Guest Blog Posting

Are there other local businesses in your area which have websites with a blog? If so, why not approach them and offer to write occasional blog posts that will be of interest to their followers and readership? See this as a means of gaining endorsements by other local business owners and getting your brand in front of people who might not, until now, have been aware of your business


Appearing on the first page of Google anytime a local person is searching for landscaping services can generate a huge number of enquires, but it can only happen if Google deems you worthy of being on that first page. For that, you need to have an effective SEO campaign in place, which is best done by hiring an SEO agency that can help your website achieve page one rankings and keep them.


This is one of the most underused and underrated marketing avenues, which is strange because podcasting is a hugely popular medium and a great way to connect with potential customers. Your podcasts need be no more than 20 to 30 minutes, you can pre-record them all, and provided the audio content you produce is interesting you will build an army of subscribers, some of whom may ultimately become clients.

Paid Advertising

Whilst there are many forms of paid advertising, by far the most targeted, and thus most cost-effective is pay per click. Google ads and Facebook Ads are the most used and the principle is that you bid on keywords, but only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This way you are in complete control of your budget.

Referral Marketing

there is no better source of new clients than those clients you have already given great service to. This is why it beggars belief that so few businesses, including landscapers, utilise their existing client base. Simple incentives like a $50 shopping voucher for each paid client they refer work superbly well and can create a continuous flow of new business.

Video Marketing

Landscaping is a hugely visual experience and in most cases, prospective clients are going to want to see examples of their work before deciding on which landscapers to use. Make them choosing you easier by creating and publishing videos on sites like YouTube to promote and highlight your completed landing projects. You could also include video testimonials from clients on your YouTube channel for even more validation of the quality of your landscaping services.