3 Ways To Protect Your Family Lawyers Business Against Legal Action

3 Ways To Protect Your Family Lawyers Business Against Legal Action

Unique is not the right term to describe the scenario where a family lawyers business faces legal action, either from a client or another party. For those not familiar with the legal world, the assumption might be made that lawyers within any legal field, be it family law, commercial law, or criminal law, for example, never face legal action themselves, but they do, and it happens more often than many realise.

This then leads us to a situation where lawyers, including family lawyers, need to be represented by another lawyer. The specific legal speciality of that lawyer will invariably depend on what type of legal action is being taken. Whichever it is, a family lawyer must ensure that they can defend their business against any legal action and here are three ways to do so.

Prevention Is Far Preferrable To Litigation

It should hopefully be the realisation of everyone that preventing any form of legal action from taking place is a far more agreeable scenario than having to defend it, including having to go to court. Within your family lawyers business, preventative measures can cover a wide array of actions, but some to consider include:

  • Ensuring your premises are a safe environment for both staff and clients
  • Ensuring all staff are fully trained for the work they do
  • Making customer service one of your business’s top priorities
  • Having systems in place that prevent the risk of missed deadlines, submissions etc
  • Having a culture that seeks to prevent problems from occurring rather than solving them

Whilst none of these can 100% guarantee no individual, business, or organisation will ever take legal action against you, it does limit the situations and events where they would be justified in doing so.

Seek Agreed Solutions

There will be many reasons that could induce an individual, business, or organisation to take legal action against your family lawyers business and we cannot cover every one of them. However, what we can suggest is that no matter what kind of dispute may arise between your family lawyers business and a third party, a prime objective should be for you to seek a negotiated resolution.

You doubtless have strong negotiating skills which have been honed during your career as a family lawyer and it is these skills and your experience which should be brought to the fore. If another party has a dispute with your family lawyers business which has the potential to become mired in litigation, ask yourself how you might agree to settle it amicably to both your satisfaction.

Secure Top-Level Advisors And Legal Representation

One of the most effective ways of avoiding legal action being taken against you is to have the very best professional advice and representation available to you. This may include legal experts who advise you on matters such as finances, commercial law, contracts, and other matters relating to your business. Not all these advisors will be in the legal profession with examples being accountants and health and safety advisors.

Their advice could prevent you or someone else within your family lawyers business from taking action which inadvertently induces another party to begin legal proceedings against your business. Further, if that legal action is instigated, having the appropriate legal representation advise you on how to counter it, could be vital in you winning the case.