How to Get the Best Out of Your Adwords Marketing Campaign

Once you have decided to dip a toe into the waters of an adwords marketing campaign you will need to do everything possible to ensure success. Unless you have a large budget, you may be concerned about what adwords will cost. If your budget is low, here are some tips to help you.

  • Don’t aim for those high ad positions. Most people think the top three ads are the place to be as they will convert best. However, analytics show that this is not true. Often, the lower positions get better conversions. Experts have found that many people who click on the top ads do so on impulse, rather than because they are looking for something specific with the intention of following through.
  • Long tail keywords are your friends. For a start, they are much more specific and will attract people who actually want what you offer better than if you used a general, single keyword with a broader meaning. For instance, “Joondalup dentist” is a more specific keyword than “Dental Clinic”. It is much more likely to attract people who want a dentist in Joondalup, so your ad is more targeted and hence, more successful.
  • Create a separate campaign for broad, popular keywords. These can be a drain on your more specifically targeted ads if lots of people click on them quickly and use up your daily budget before the other ads get a chance to show.

  • Disable the display network; it’s likely to bring you a tonne of traffic that has a very poor conversion rate.
  • Install conversion tracking on your account so you can see which locations are giving you the most traffic. You can then exclude the other areas so your campaigns are more highly targeted.
    • Don’t set and forget. You need to be paying close attention on a regular basis to every aspect of your adwords campaign.
  • Tweak constantly, but only make one change at a time when you are seeking to improve the performance of your ads. If you make even two small changes and you get heaps more traffic, you won’t know which change did it.
  • Make sure the keywords you use on your ads are highly relevant to your website landing page You can also use one of the many free keyword tools that are available online to choose those that are most likely to convert well.
  • Don’t waste words. You will only have a small number of words to use on your ad. Don’t waste them by using words that mean nothing. Concentrate on features, benefits and a call to action. In fact, the benefits should be on the first line because people want to solve their problems rather than buy something.