7 Tips For Making Your Office Relocation As Easy As Possible

7 Tips For Making Your Office Relocation As Easy As Possible

Going through office relocations can be stressful for everyone who works there, from the business owners all the way down to the office cleaners who no doubt might be thinking of what mess they might be left to clear up afterwards. The simple fact is that if you plan and prepare properly, plus use the services of a removalist company who specialise in office relocations, it should all be relatively straightforward and stress-free.

Apart from hiring professionals to help you, there are a number of other ways in which you make any office relocation easier than it might otherwise be. Here are 7 of our top tips to make that happen.

Find The Correct Premises

It still amazes us that office relocations do not work out for some businesses, simply because the new premises that the business is moving to, turn out to not be as suitable as first thought. This often happens when just one individual is making the decision, whereas if the heads of each department had some input, this may have highlighted issues that had otherwise not been thought of.

Plan Well In Advance

Planning is essential for any office relocation to be successful, and that applies to all the major aspects of the move, as well as the minor details. One idea is to place an individual in charge of the planning for each individual section or department. You will also want to create a timeline so that deadlines for things to be arranged are met.

Communicate Properly To All

Effective, clear, and timely communication with those with a vested interest in the office relocation being successful is absolutely essential. Anyone who might be affected by the move whether they work for the business, are a supplier, a client and especially your office relocation company needs to be updated and informed of any details, progress, or changes to the relocation, as necessary.

Hire Your Removalist And Other Services At Least 1 Month In Advance

We say at least 1 month but if possible, make that 3 months. 3 months might seem a long way out from the date of the relocation, but you will be shocked how quickly that time passes. What you do not want, is to be calling those services, such as IT specialists, which are essential to your business at the last minute, only to find out they cannot accommodate the changes necessary at your new location due to a lack of notice.

Pre-Plan Marketing, Sales And Fulfilment

The specifics of this will vary between business types and size, but this refers to those operations that might be at the core your business such as marketing, sales, service provision or logistics. They may be intrinsically involved on the day of the relocation, but you need to plan for them so that they have a smooth transition in terms of all their operations at your existing location, moving to your new one.

Use The Chance To Have A Clear Out

Moving office locations is the ideal chance for you to get rid of anything that is no longer of use and which needs to be thrown away. This can include damaged office furniture, old, unsellable stock, and paperwork which is no longer legally required to be kept.

…And Finally Tip #7: Hire Office Relocation Professionals

Ok, we know we mentioned this before so it is a bit of a cheat, but it is also without a doubt the best tip we could give you to ensure your office relocation goes smoothly.