Tutorial: Apache Cocoon 2 Makes XML Sharing Easy

Cocoon 2, part of the Apache XML Project, is a highly flexible web publishing framework built from reusable components. Although reusability is an oft-touted quality of software frameworks, Cocoon stands out because of the simplicity of the interface between the components. Cocoon 2 uses XML documents, via SAX, as its inter-component API. As long as a component accepts and emits XML, it works.

In this Open Enterprise Trends hands-on tutorial on Cocoon 2, developers will get a full package, including:

  • (1) a well-versed Cocoon 2 overview,
  • (2) simple examples (complete with schematics and figures) on the inner workings of XML and Cocoon;

  • (3) code samples for using Cocoon to build and manage an updateable XML-driven database; and
  • (4) Use Cases on where Cocoon can best be used in the enterprise.This OET Tutorial is authored by Steve Punte, a former software architect with Hewlett-Packard and now a software consultant specializing in a new software architecture paradigm called “XML Directed Software.”